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As a Municipal Court Judge, Levi Goossen is licensed to perform weddings.  Weddings may be held outdoors on our patio, or indoors in one of our conference rooms. Or, you may choose to have your wedding in another location of your choice (Harvey and surrounding counties only, please).


$50.00 if the wedding is performed in our office during office hours (before 6:00 p.m.)


$100.00 if the wedding is after office hours and/or held somewhere else


$75.00 additional fee for rehearsal before the wedding


All fees must be paid in advance

Other information:   

Marriage license must be in our hands before the marriage proceeds


Bride and Groom must supply us with information about witnesses, rings, ceremony and other preferences prior to the day of the ceremony

Call 316-283-3627 to arrange to have Judge Goossen

perform your wedding.

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