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Levi H. Goossen


Born in Oakley, Kansas


Graduated from the University of Nebraska and Lincoln School of Commerce

Majored in Accounting, CPA Preparatory Program


Graduated from the University of Nebraska School of Law

Law Review, Student Tribunal, student research assistant, published "The Nebraska Time Price Differential"

Admitted to practice in Kansas, Nebraska, US District Court, Bankruptcy Court and US Supreme Court


Practiced law in Nebraska


Practiced law in Newton, Kansas


City Prosecutor in Newton, Kansas


Probate and Juvenile Judge, Harvey County, Kansas


Part-time Assistant Harvey County Prosecutor

1973 to present

Practicing law in Newton, Kansas

Municipal Judge for the cities of North Newton and Whitewater, Kansas

While working as a Probate Judge in Harvey County, Levi realized that the County Attorney and the Court Clerks were having to prepare the same forms over and over, and in those pre-computer days, that meant typing the forms from scratch each time.  He created carbon interleaved paper form sets for criminal, juvenile, care and treatment, child in need of care, garnishment and small claims procedures.  He started a separate business--the NDF Company--to develop, print and market those forms.  As computers have become more common, Levi has turned to creating software for the court procedure forms, and also a program for employers to handle withholding for garnishments and income withholding orders.  Please visit our website for more information about NDF Company.

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