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If you are interesting in adopting a child, we can help.  We handle all kinds of adoptions.



Sometimes a mother, for whatever reason, decides that it is in her child's best interest to be raised by someone else.  We do not arrange matches between couples and mothers, but if the parties already have an arrangement, we can handle a private adoption with complete discretion.



Complications sometimes arise with step-parent adoptions.  For example, it may be difficult to obtain the necessary relinquishment from the other biological parent.  We can make sure that all the necessary documents are properly filed with the District Court, to make sure your adoption is handled correctly.



Many social agencies such as SRS, have children who are available for adoption.  If you are already working with such an agency, we can help you finalize the adoption and file all the necessary documents in District Court.

Whatever the circumstances, we can help you with your adoption. 

Please call to set up an appointment to discuss your adoption needs.

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